What do you do when your speaker stops working?

After several years of use, the YSP-500 sound bar that I was using in the bedroom has stopped working (intermittent power issues, that suddenly became permanent). So I was left with a dilemma today, do I replace the YSP-500 which was required because the ancient Hitachi PMA-400E Plasma had no speakers, or for an extra couple of hundred pounds do I update the whole lot with a screen with speakers.

Well you guessed it..

I opted to buy a new LED TV, who wouldn’t! :-) In this case I opted for the @HCCmag recommendation for best budget screen and went with the Samsung UE40D5520 as it is a “Superb budget set that is hard to fault”. In fact the only major thing that this screen does not have is 3D, which I don’t need in the bedroom anyway. Thanks to @pcworld for having one of cheapest prices and also having it in stock close by so that I could pick it up.

After 30 minutes, 10 of which were spent finding bolts that were the right size to swap the mount from the old plasma to the new TV, the new one is in place. Job done!

I still need to connect the network cable, so have not tested any of the “Smart” Internet features but my first impressions of this LED screen, including picture quality, are very good.

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