Welcome to 2012

So the New Year, 2012, has arrived and in an effort to dress like my fashion icon Daniel Craig, I find myself thinking Barbour Jackets and Hunter Wellies are cool whilst at the same time pondering if the world really is going to end on the 21st December 2012 then I should in fact make use of the many Credit Card offers landing on my doormat at the moment and spend spend spend…

I put the above thoughts down to a new member of the family, Zachary, being born on the 2nd of December and subsequently 34 nights of sleep deprivation and festive alcohol abuse. Christmas really is the only time you can justify a 57% proof bourbon at 11am!  By the way I can thoroughly recommend Noahs Mill genuine bourbon whisky to anyone looking to step up from Jack Daniels or Makers Mark!

Top Christmas presents of 2011 have to go to the DeLonghi Magnifica bean to cup coffee maker and very cool Jaybird JF3 Freedom Bluetooth Buds. Call of Duty MW3 comes a very close runner up as it continues to amaze me on the Xbox 360 even though I still have the original 2005 Core platform. Why do laptop and application developers force us to upgrade our laptops and desktops every couple of years when the Xbox continues to deliver awesome graphics and playability six years on?

So what are my random New Year aspirations (notice the lack of resolve)

  • Move house, maybe
  • Get some 3D kit in the Cinema room, absolutely
  • Change the car for something more sporty, possibly
  • Hone a six pack, unlikely
  • Get back to sub 50 minute 10Ks, I hope so
  • Get the snip – more than likely!

A mention to two douche bags one of which is my brother and their new 2012 blog. Be warned Parental Discretion is advised.

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