Apple TV 3 and FireCore aTV Flash


So Apple’s March 7th announcements are complete and my iDevices have already told me that iOS 5.1 is available! The major announcement was of course the iPad 3 which whilst not offering staggering leaps forward will be enough for many existing owners of iPad 1s to part with their money even if we cannot take advantage of 4G capabilities here in the UK! But then I never bought the 3G version of the iPad 1 so that is not a big deal. With the prevalence of wireless hotspots I always thought that it was a bit of a waste of money. That said the new iPad has built in hotspot capability so for my cousins in the US, having a 4G hotspot in their bag will certainly be a novelty.

The thing that was more interesting for me and that has not seemed to get the press coverage it deserves is the latest version of AppleTV. Two things have stopped me buying an AppleTV in the past, even though I actually bought my Dad one for his birthday last year and was very impressed. 1080p output and the ability to stream media from something other than an iTunes library on a computer.

As I have blogged before I have a Microsoft Windows based Media Server with all of my son’s DVDs  and some Blu-ray’s on it, some in a native DVD format some in a H.264 format so that he could play them on an  android tablet when we  were travelling. I also have a home cinema setup on which I always insist watching only full 1080p movies on Blu-Ray with  DTS-HD or DolbyHD sound tracks. This  has involved a Subscription to LoveFilm which I generally did not get value for money from.

So what I want is a little Media server that I can stream movies to from a NAS device, rent or buy, download and play movies in the latest 1080p format ideally with HD sound tracks. So why not just go with a D-Link Boxee? Well, honestly, I am a blinded to Apple technology and I like the fact that I can make it interoperate with my other Apple devices.

So the latest release of AppleTV, which includes a new A5 processor and revamped interface, enables 1080p and the arrival of Netflix in the UK also gives me an alternative to iTunes for movie rental and downloads. But still Apple has chosen not to support streaming from a NAS device, a somewhat naive move in my view. However help will shortly be on hand from FireCore and their aTV Flash solution. This is not new and was available for previous AppleTV versions and in fact currently they do not have a product for the new AppleTV but it is coming. Amongst other things it allows you to stream and play formats not natively supported by AppleTV and access all of those burned DVDs.

For people such as myself the combination of this third version of Apple TV with 1080p playback and FireCore will enable a very cost effective Media Sever capability that integrates everything in the world of Apple (iPhone, iPad, Mac) together into one sleek interoperable package. Please hurry up FireCore and give me a new build for AppleTV 3!

Installing a Kingston HyperX 240GB SSD SATA Rev 3.0 in a late 2010 MacBook Pro.

You will need:-

  1. A Kingston HyperX 240GB SSD Upgrade Kit
  2. A 00 Philips screw driver bit
  3. A T6 screw driver bit
  4. A blank writable DVD


The @kingstontech HyperX is, at the time of writing this, their latest top of the range SSD, offering “Faster speeds for serious users”. I class myself as a serious user as for part of my day job I need to run several VMware Fusion desktops on my MacBook Pro and have always been underwhelmed by performance even though my MacBook is sporting a 2.66Ghz Intel Core i7 and 8GB of DDR3 memory.

I realise that the particular Mac that I have only has a 3Gb/sec Rev 2.0 SATA interface but I wanted to get a drive that I could reutilise in the future if needed and benefit from the higher speeds if the new laptop had at 6Gb/sec interface.

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