Entertainment in the Cloud

SpotifyAt the last @GadgetShowLive I managed to get a good deal on a @sonos music system including several Sonos ZonePlayer S5′s from @SimplySonos. At the time I connected this with my iTunes library, downloaded the iPhone remote control client and I was pleased as punch.

Sonos also allowed me to connect to what seems like a million internet radio stations including all of the local ones.

More recently however I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for the £9.99 @Spotify Premium service that I could use with my Sonos music system and also with my iPhone and iPad.

I have to say I was skeptical about how much I would use this given the monthly expense, but actually I am quite surprised. One of the easiest things to do is simply setup a Playlist called for example “Current 100” and then copy the Top 100 tracks on Spotify to the Playlist. These can then be played through your Sonos system or you can download them to your phone to be played in Offline mode.

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