The future of aircraft at seat entertainment?

As I sit here writing this, I am thinking about a long haul flight I have to look forward to at the weekend and what movies may be available to me. As with most major airlines these days they include the latest cinema hits and a number of classics.

But I probably won’t watch them.

“Why?” I hear you ask.

Some of the films they are showing I really want to watch, but not on an 8″ low-resolution screen covered in scratches and previous passengers bodily fluids.

I could pay to download the movies on to my iPad and at least benefit from a clearer screen with better resolution, but there are still two issues, the screen is still small for watching the latest blockbuster on and I have to pay for something they are possibly already showing on the plane.

So what could airlines do? Many are rolling out newer higher resolution at seat entertainment systems with bigger screens that can be integrated with your own mobile media device, but just think of the possibilities if they equipped at least some of the seats, for example business class, with Sony’s latest 3D visor.






The HMZ-T1 uses two 0.7 inch 1280×720 HD 3D OLED panels to create the perception of a 65 foot screen and is combined with a virtual 5.1 sound system. Imagine being able to see that latest cinema blockbuster in full 3D or playing the latest 3D console game against fellow passengers, on a screen the same size as your local IMAX, all whilst at the same time jetting to another part of the world!

There are of course a couple of practical issues.

  1. How do you find the G&T and small packet of nuts the stewardess has kindly left for you, without knocking it over yourself or someone else.
  2. How to you avoid looking like a complete plonker when wearing it. Maybe, like in the cinema, there would have to be a mandatory dimming of the lights.

Even so, if there were an airline out there willing to roll them out, I for one would gladly give it a try.